School Rules and Regulations

1. Misbehavior will not be tolerated in any form.
2. Students are to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class no more or less unless
instructed to do so.
3. Students will maintain a consistent attendance schedule.
4. Students are required to maintain proper hour requirements through out the week
(illness/family obligations etc. should be called in).
5. Students will maintain a grade point average of B or higher.
6. Students should have at all times training equipment.
7. All classes will have uniforms i.e. Kickboxing, Judo, T’ai-chi, Karate.
8. Hair should be secured neatly behind the head and out of the eyes.
9. Nails must be clipped and clean.
10. No perfumes or jewelry are allowed.
11. Students must maintain proper personal hygiene.
12. No eating in the changing rooms or on the work out floor area.
13. No running in or outside the facility unless instructed to do so.
14. No gum chewing in the facility.
15. No electronics allowed in the facility.
16. No alterations will be made to any uniforms or tee shirts.
17. All equipment and apparel must be pre approved by Salt City Karate.
18. No loitering any where in or around the facility.
19. No soliciting any where in or around the facility.
20. No cell phones or computers allowed in the facility.
21. Socializing will not be permitted unless participants are quietly seated.
22. Any guest bringing visitors with them must notify Salt City Karate prior to arrival.
23. All students must be picked up promptly.
24. Students must be dressed appropriately for the training conditions.
25. No pets allowed in the facility with out prior permission.
26. All equipment must be kept in good condition.
27. All safety equipment is required to spar.
28. All sparring equipment will be kept clean and free from any odors no exceptions.
29. All conferences will be scheduled and by appointment only.
30. Classes/times may vary based on demand and weather conditions.
31. Students will honor all terms and conditions set forth of modern karate.


School Etiquette

All Cell phones will be turned off and remain off while in the facility.
All Guests are kindly asked to remove their shoes upon entering the facility.

  1. Upon entrance and exit all students will give a verbal greeting to acknowledge presence.
  2. All students will show respect when addressing elders and staff members i.e. Sir/Ma’am.
  3. Sign in with Name/Time in/Time out.
  4. Remove Shoes and place neatly in the shoe rack. All hats or caps must be removed.
  5. All students will remain quiet as they proceed to the changing rooms.
  6. Disruptions to any class in session will not be tolerated.
  7. All Training equipment will be left neatly in the designated area.
  8. All valuables should be locked away Salt City Karate is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. N0 locks are to be left on any lockers no exceptions.
  9. All students are to change promptly. Bags, coats, ect. will be neatly hung or placed in lockers.
  10. Use of restrooms, water bottles or any other personal needs should be addressed prior to the start of class.
  11. Student’s water bottles will be kept in the designated area, and recycled properly.
  12. Once prepared for the class students are to remain quietly seated until the start of class. Students will not be allowed on to the workout floor prior to class start time. They may be seated and wait in the viewing area.
  13. Visitors will show reverence when socializing during classes.
  14. No students shall be allowed to leave the facility without parental/guardian knowledge.
  15. No loitering in front of the facility. Students will remain seated in the viewing
  16. area while waiting for ride.
  17. All children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.


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