Judo classes are a unique, fun workout for all age groups with Salt City Karate instructors.

Lessons in Judo techniques taught by Sensei Jeffrey Bertolo, Mr. Dane Johnson, Dr. Bastian Tenbergen and Mr. David Jakubowski.



Kiotsuke (気を付け) Attention

Jigoro Kano

Jigoro Kano said, “Since the very beginning, I had been categorizing Judo into three parts, rentai-ho, shobu-ho, and shushin-ho. Rentai-ho refers to Judo as a physical exercise, while shobu-ho is Judo as a martial art. Shushin-ho is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue as well as the study and application of the principles of Judo in our daily lives. I therefore anticipated that practitioners would develop their bodies in an ideal manner, to be outstanding in matches, and also to improve their wisdom and virtue and make the spirit of Judo live in their daily lives. If we consider Judo first as a physical exercise, we should remember that our bodies should not be stiff, but free, quick and strong. We should be able to move properly in response to our opponent‘s unexpected attacks. We should also not forget to make full use of every opportunity during our practice to improve our wisdom and virtue. These are the ideal principles of my Judo.”


Here is a link to a video about a circular entry to set up O Uchi Gari. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7Rl-uegnYs